Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I'm Baaaa-aaack

The holidays are over and it's time to pull my head out from under the covers of my long winter's nap and get back to paying attention to what is happening in the world. Guess what?? With a very few exceptions, NOTHING HAS HAPPENED since Christmas. Let's see ... Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. Big Deal. I don't see a big reason to mourn that.

Three teens IN San Francisco were attacked by a tiger that jumped out of it's enclosure. The 2 survivors are refusing to talk. A bottle of vodka and slingshots were found in their possession. Sounds like the tiger was getting tired of getting pelted with stones, pine cones and sticks. The tiger is dead, one teen is dead. Wow, wasn't that fun? Too bad the tiger didn't get the other two teens worse than it did. That would have been justice FOR THEM MISTREATING AND TAUNTING A CAPTIVE ANIMAL.

Hillary sent us a Christmas card in the way of a political TV ad. Hey Hillary, who's going to pay for all of your Socialist "Gifts"? These programs aren't "free". It's NOT a gift if I have to pay for it with higher taxes. Karl Marx would be proud of you for the "gift" of Pre-Kindergarten for ALL children. Start the socialist brainwashing of our children one whole year sooner. My hero --- NOT!!!!

The TV writers strike continues. WHO CARES ????????? They need to get a life and hopefully, soon, they will need to get a new job because they have lost their writing jobs because of this STUPID strike.

The really GOOD news. We should have bumper crops of corn, wheat, soy beans, etc in Iowa this year because the fertilizer is flowing knee deep with the political caucuses going on now. If you have been listening carefully to the rhetoric, It is really scary to think that one of these fools could be the most powerful person in the world.

Meanwhile, my man Fred is sitting back letting everybody else look stupid and the media blames Fred for not being "enthusiastic" about politics. He isn't enthusiastic about the silly games and in my eyes, that's a good thing. Fred is just a good old no nonsense Southern boy who just wants to state his platform and let the voters decide. NO Games, NO Politics. It worked in his Senate race in Tennessee and I hope the rest of the country is as smart as Tennesseans to recognize a great, no nonsense LEADER. IF THEY ARE, FRED WILL BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT.

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