Friday, January 4, 2008

Iowa Caucus Results: A Mark Twain Novel?

I woke up this morning and turned on the TV, only to be greeted by the Black Cockroach, Jesse Jackson. Apparently, since Osama Obama won the Democrat Caucus in Iowa last night, Jesse had a sudden feeling that he may be relevant for a change. Jesse is like a mixed up cockroach, he only comes out of the woodwork when the spotlights are turned on to a news story involving a black person. During the interview, Jesse actually had the 'nads to make a reference to his quasi-bid for the "White House" many years ago. Crawl back into the woodwork Jesse, you are still NOT relevant.

Moving to the caucus winners in Iowa, we have Huckabee and Obama taking first place for their respective parties. Am I the only one to see a similarity to a certain Mark Twain novel. I have a vision floating in my head of Huckabee or "Huck" and his ever faithful "Jim" (Obama) floating down the Mississippi on a log raft with a small canvas tent near the back, wearing tattered clothes and smoking a corncob pipe. OK, I know this vision is twisted and Mark Twain is probably turning over in his grave at the analogy I have conjured, BUT, I can't help myself. I think of "Huckleberry Finn" now everytime I see Huckabee or Obama on TV.

The best part of the caucus results was Hillary being "smacked down" to a third place finish. I rejoice at even the smallest defeat she suffers. She is a pompous bitch who is fighting to turn my beloved country into a Socialist State and ANYTHING that causes her to lose is the best thing for this country. Thank You Iowa Democrats. New Hampshire is next, let's hope they hand her the next smackdown.

The second best part: Fred Thompson moved UP to a third place finish. Fred always starts slow and finishes strong. If you don't learn from history.... "W" finished 3rd in Iowa 7 tears ago. Let's hope Fred's 3rd place finish ends with the same result.

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