Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blinded By the Light "of the TV News Cameras"

The Hillary "Tear" is still in the news. The latest news is that the woman, 64 year old lifelong Democrat and former Carter campaign worker, Marianne Pernaud, who asked Hillary "The Question" that elicited "The Tear" wasn't moved enough, standing directly in front of Hillary, to actually vote for Hillary. Marianne, it seems, was more moved to her own tears by a speech by "Jim" Obama earlier in the day.

WOW !!!!!! Now to be fair, Marianne said she thought the tear was "Real" but, because Hillary paused for about 10 seconds after the tear, and then immediately began a negative tirade against "Jim" Obama, Marianne was turned off by the incident and cast her vote for "Jim". Marianne was turned off by Hillary being Hillary. If only it was really that easy to just send Hillary home.

Here's to the "Mainstream Media" (including Fox News in this particular case) for controlling the story to show only Hillary's Alligator Tear OUT OF CONTEXT with the entire incident. If you get your news through carefully controlled sound bites, you aren't getting the full story. You are getting a spin on the story making it tell what the newsroom wants it to tell.

I was a Collateral Duty Public Affairs Officer in the Navy, and one of my tasks was to ensure that the local media reporting stories on my base and the personnel attached there were telling facts and NOT spinning the stories to their end. We actually banned one reporter from the base while I was there. His station was still allowed to report from the base but NOT by that particular reporter because he played "Loose" with the facts. After dealing with them for 3 years, I know how the "Mainstream Media" works.

The same thing happened in Los Angeles with the "Rodney King Beating by Police" scandal. The initial video, broadcast live during the incident showed the entire incident including the chase through the streets of LA with an "insane individual" behind the wheel rapidly changing lanes while traveling at very high speeds (close to 100 miles per hour if I remember the incident correctly), followed by the police pulling him from the car and Rodney FIGHTING BACK with the police and refusing to stay down while he was being handcuffed.

After seeing that video, honestly, Rodney King wasn't beaten severely enough based on his actions that night and the police officers really showed great restraint and really only tried to subdue a crazed individual in a probable drug induced stupor, who refused to be handcuffed, however, based on the sound bites and short clips that were shown on the "NEWS" during the trial, the News Media MADE THE POLICE OFFICERS LOOK GUILTY, simply by the spin on the stories and film bites that they chose to broadcast.

THE MORAL TO THE STORY: Be careful about the choices you make based on 10 second sound bites and video clips. You may be getting suckered into doing what someone who is not completely honest wants you to do, not necessarily what would normally be your actual choice!!!!

And MOST IMPORTANTLY: If you are still voting Democrat, you are stuck on STUPID !

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