Friday, June 15, 2012

Obummer Tramples the Constitution...Again

The Lying King
Well, he did it again today.  The Constitution means nothing to this sorry excuse for a leader.  He announced today that his administration will no longer deport illegal aliens between the ages of 16 and 36, that meet several other criteria.  This is basically similar to the "Dream Act" that he was unable to get passed by Congress previously.  Rather than accept "The Will of the People", a phrase he used when he rammed Obamacare through Congress with only Democrat votes, regarding the Dream Act, he has decided to make this a law through Executive Order.

On September 28, 2011, he stated in an interview that he was prevented from doing this by the Constitution.  He said that he wasn't a king.  So what changed since then?  He is now starting to show signs that he is going to lose the upcoming election and he hopes this will generate an increase in votes, legal or illegal, from the Hispanic population.  Anything to win this election.  He also said, within a couple months of assuming the office, that he had three years to fix the economy or he would only have a one term presidency.  The economy is still broken but he is doing everything he can to get a second term anyway.

This equals 2 more lies by Obama.  The L/P/S repeatedly said that "Bush lied!", but they are strangely silent about this president Lying.  Funny how the story changes when the president is a L/P/S.  I don't believe that Bush lied as he was accused by the "left", but OBAMA IS A CHRONIC LIAR.  He really needs to go back to Chicago.

Just for the record, I don't have a problem with the Dream Act type order that Obummer posted today, I just have a problem with how he did it by trampling the Constitution and not allowing the legislative process work as it was designed.  I guess he really does think he is a king..."The Lying King".

If you aren't outraged by Obama...
you aren't paying attention!!!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's the ECONOMY, stupid...

Actually, I don't believe Obummer is as stupid about the economy as many would want you to believe.  Some say his lack of experience is causing him to just make bad decisions.  I don't believe that for a minute.  Obummer is cold and calculating and NOT dumb or stupid by any means and is following HIS strategy to move our country closer and closer to Socialism.  

What started all of this was the housing bubble bursting.  Why did it burst?  The L/P/S (Liberal/Progressive/Socialist) leaders in congress, primarily the Queen of the House, Barney Frank and his maneuvers to make home ownership a right for all Americans by forcing Fannie, Freddie and all other lending institutions to relax their standards for obtaining a mortgage.  Once the regulations were relaxed, the housing market opened up and home prices spiralled unrealistically upward.

Suddenly, a bunch of people who did not have the means necessary to pay a mortgage, got one anyway.  This was followed by massive numbers of mortgage defaults and foreclosures.  Now there are thousands of homes owned by the lenders and are sold off in firesale fashion resulting in an unrealistic glut of homes in the market and significant drop in home values.  Numerous lenders were forced to declare bankruptcy because of all the losses from these bad mortgages.  This caused the entire economy to spiral downward.

Throughout this period, except for a $786 billion dollar bail out of the banks and car manufacturers, Obummer proceeded to push his Socialist Medical Insurance plan fondly tagged as Obamacare.  This massive socialist boondoggle has resulted in businesses facing new, increased expenses when they hire a new employee.  No one is absolutely sure how much it will increase, so businesses are stalling hiring plans until they have firm numbers to rely on.  As a result, unemployment numbers begin to skyrocket because everyone is afraid to expand to a point where they may eventually go bankrupt after the healthcare law kicks in fully and no businesses are hiring.

During all of this, Obummer keeps spending like a drunken sailor, and I know how much a drunken sailor's a lot.  After three and a half years. He has outspent every other president in history on incredible investments like Solyndra.  Realizing that we were too far in debt, $15.5 TRILLION, he started his campaign to get more revenue into the treasury.  His idea...TAX THE RICH...more!  This is another Socialist scheme.  The problem with Socialism is, as Margaret Thatcher once said, "Eventually you run out of other people's money."  Now, more uncertainty has been injected into the problem. 

The rich will ALWAYS operate their businesses to maximize their profits for their benefit.  If operating costs have to be cut, the lowest on the totem pole on the company payroll will be applying for unemployment benefits.  The last person to take a paycut, will be the owner, as it should be.  Also, TAX THE RICH, means that the job creaters will have to pay the taxes that have increased, which means that their income must increase, resulting in higher prices, which means that the taxes imposed on the rich are actually paid by the poor customers. By the way, have any of you every received a pay check from a poor person?  Me neither.

Also, early in the Reign of Terror of Obummer, the Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill happened.  No doubt, it was a devastating event on it's own...but Obummers actions made it even worse.  It was the Evil Oil Baron's that Obummer hates so much that caused it.  So what does Obummer do...cancels all drilling permits.  Oh, and later on, he refused to allow the Keystone XL oil pipeline construction to proceed from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.  OK...what was the result of these actions by Obummer? 

HIGHER GASOLINE PRICES !!!!  We all paid them.  And what happens when oil prices go up?  Yes, prices of EVERYTHING goes up due to higher fuel costs for the trucks that deliver everything we buy.  And who pays these increased costs????  Everyone, including the sacred poor. I say "Sacred Poor" because Obummer wants to "give" the poor something for nothing so that they will feel indebted to him and keep him in office. Hence the massive increase in Food Stamp use since he has been in office.  It's all part of the Redistribution of Wealth central to Socialism.

And while we are talking about the sacred poor...let's discuss how much Income Tax they pay.  NOTHING !!!!!  What's worse is that many of them receive an Income Tax Refund Check.  That's right, they've had NOTHING WITHHELD but they get a tax refund anyway.  It used to be called a welfare check but apparently, that's politically incorrect now.  The last figures I heard about said that approximately 48% of American citizens pay No Income Tax.  How about if we try something new and TAX the POOR.  I think if we share the wealth, we should also share the responsibility.  That is TRUE FAIRNESS !!!!

If you aren't outraged at Obama...
you aren't paying attention !!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Right(?) to Vote

For those of you that closely follow the news, no matter whether you watch the liberal mainstream media or (like me) the Fair and Balanced Fox News Channel, you must have noticed the current debates surrounding Attorney Corporal Eric Hold-up and his crusade for the right to vote for minorities.  The latest flare-up involves one state who is attempting to purge their voter roles of registered voters who have died or been convicted of a felony to help stem voter fraud.  The purge has been stopped by the USAG.

Yes, this is the same person who refused to prosecute members of the New Black Panther Party for voter intimidation in the 2008 election, an act that was documented on videotape.  Voter intimidation is OK as long as the odds are that it will result in extra Democrat votes.  Likewise, the extra names on voter roles can not be used to perpetrate extra fraudulent votes for Democrats if those "extra" names are purged from the roles.  This is NOT a case of disenfranchised legitimate minority voters.  This is clearly a case of allowing voter fraud to assist Obummer in overcoming his recent troubles and still win re-election.

I have studied the Constitution and assure you that there is NO RIGHT TO VOTE guaranteed in the United States Constitution.  The 14th, and 15th Amendments which were ratified between 1865 and 1870, and the 19th Amendment which was ratified in 1920, all refer to  restrictions to prevent discrimination against anyone over age 21, race, color or previous slaves or by gender.  So according to the Constitution, you don't necessarily have a right to vote, BUT you can't be denied the privilege of voting due to race, sex, etc.

So where does this "Sacred Right to Vote" come from.  The Voting Rights Act of 1964 established the "right" to vote in the United States.  President Lyndon Johnson (I don't have to think of another parody name for him since not only was he a Johnson, but he was also a "johnson" ... think about it) signed the act  making the right to vote a law, BUT not a Constitutional Right like free speech, etc. By the strict letter of this law, Hold-up is doing what is called for by antiquated provisions of the law that were written into it during a time when civil rights, particularly in the South were basically non-existent.

In today's world, the provisions that Hold-up is using make for an legal excuse that could enable voter fraud to take place that could favor Obummer.  Eric Hold-up has far and away surpassed Janet Reno as the WORST, MOST PARTISAN Attorney Corporal in U.S. History.  Time to send him home by firing Obummer.

If you're not outraged at Obama and his minions ...
you're NOT paying attention.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why is Common Sense so UNcommon?

I saw on the news today a story that made me stop and realize that if I was a teenager today, I could be a convicted criminal with a record.  A high school freshman was suspended from school and arrested on assault with a weapon charge for shooting....wait for it....SPITBALLS !!!!!  What in the hell were these people thinking?????  An assault with a weapon charge for spitballs????  Why would they do that????   EASY.....Socialism.  I know, it's Bud getting to rant about Socialism again.  Boring !  Except, it's more likely than you may think.

Why was one of Karl Marx's  10 Tenets of Communism to provide "a free education for all children in public schools"?   Could it be to turn public education into a Communist Socialist) Indoctrination System.  YES !  But why would they do something like charging this student with assault with a weapon?  To scare the hell out of all of the kids to "keep them in line and compliant".  To teach them not to speak out and to go along with what they are told by the "officials".  A strong argument for private schools or home schooling.

We have also heard about students going out with their parent's before the first day of school each year to buy school supplies required for their classroom work.  When they get to school that first day, they are all told to place their cherished pens, pencils and other goodies in the "Community Box" for everyone to share.  In a Socialist world, you are not allowed to own personal possessions, everything must be shared for the "common good".

Socialism is alive and (unfortunately) well in our country.  It is becoming more and more pervasive, even blatant and there is only one way to stop out the Socialists in our government.  Let's start with Obummer !!!!!  The Socialist in Chief.  The Socialists are NOT limited to the Democrat Party.  Pay attention to the voting record of ALL of the members of Congress including the Republicans too and give them a Donald Trump..."You're FIRED !" line on election day.  Any body that wants to live in a Socialist Country should move to Europe.  Their are plenty of Socialist Countries there to pick from.  Leave my (actually our) Constitutional Republic alone.

If you're not're NOT paying attention.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Freedom of Religion

Please note that I have made a correction to my previous post.

This is an exact quote from the First Amendment: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;".  I know this is a novel concept where  Liberals/Progressives/Socialists are concerned, but let's look at exactly what the words say and use a little common sense (which apparently is not very common where L/B/S's are concerned).  Please show me where this statement prohibits the display of the Ten Commandments or a Cross in a Government Building. It doesn't !!!!!  To come up with a reason for those prohibitions, you have to twist the words to mean something different than what they actually say.

The key phrase to me is "or prohibiting the free exercise thereof". This seems to me to be the main problem today. The only groups that appear not to be interfered with by the government are the Atheists and the Muslims. Yes, I believe Atheism is a religion although most of their tenets are in fact anti-religion, they still react to their beliefs as a religion.  Some Atheists assert their beliefs on society by being offended by the symbols of other religions.  Since Freedom of Religion is a 1st Amendment right like Freedom of Speech,   I submit again that the First Amendment does NOT offer protection from being offended.  If you are offended by the Cross of Christianity or the Jewish Star of David, tough beans!!! Get over it.

Your right to Freedom of Religion ends when it negatively affects my ability to practice the religion of my choice just as my rights end when I negatively affect your rights.  Just because you find my religion offensive, you have no right to prohibit my personal practice nor do I have a right prohibit yours.  In other words, let's both just shut up about being offended and ignore each other's religious practices.  Forcing me through the courts to give up my religious symbols and practices because they offend you is just ignorant and closed minded. 

One point of discussion during this campaign season has been whether Obummer is a Christian or not.  My bottom line, "IT DOESN'T MATTER".  Although I personally believe that Jeremiah Wright (Obummers religious mentor and you may notice I refuse to use the title Rev. in front of his name) is a bigoted, racist, anti-American, the President has a right to practice his religious beliefs any way he chooses.  This is one of the few times I will give Obummer a pass on anything.

As for Mutt Romney, I have heard a lot of people saying they won't vote for him simply because he is a Mormon and that's a stupid religion.  Personally, I would rather have a Mormon in the Oval Office than someone who received his religious mentoring from a bigoted, racist, ANTI-AMERICAN radical who was quoted as saying, "God Damn AMERICA".  AGAIN, LET'S TRY COMMON SENSE FOR A CHANGE.

If you aren't outraged at Obama,
you aren't paying attention !!!