Friday, January 11, 2008

Fred Wins SC Debate

I watched the entire South Carolina Republican Debate last night and the assembled focus group almost unanimously picked Fred as the debate winner. Fred said to wait for South Carolina, and he was "Right Said Fred". Fred came out swinging and virtually controlled the tempo and direction of the debate. Fred put "Huck" on the spot several times and left him stuttering.

Now I have a question, two actually: WHO THE HELL IS THIS RON PAUL CHARACTER AND WHAT DID HE SAY ??????? OK, I know who he is, but what did he say? I do want to know who left the door unlocked so he got in? Ron Paul is a crack pot who must have been high on uppers. He spoke so fast that even if he was making any sense, (and he wasn't) you still wouldn't be able to understand him.

Whoever wants him to seriously be the President, needs to picture him in front of congress giving the State of the Union address. What about meeting foreign dignitaries. Is this really what you want representing the United States to the world. I have visions of this guy sitting at a State Dinner with his napkin tucked into his collar. Ron Paul needs to go home.

My little buddy, Dennis "The Menace" Kucinich is showing his TRUE DEMOCRAT COLORS. He actually demanded a full recount of the New Hampshire Democrat Primary votes. Straight out of the Al Gore and John Kerry playbook. Except, that "The Menace" wasn't close to a tie for winning. He wasn't even close to a tie for losing. He came in dead last, not even close. So what was he doing? Supposedly, the vote results weren't close to the polling results so Dennis wanted to investigate why. Let's just send Dennis home.

Finally, "The Quote of the Day". Mary Matalin, the Republican Strategist, was discussing Hillary's search for a new campaign slogan right after a discussion about Hilary's Alligator Tear. Mary suggested Hillary adopt "FOUR MORE TEARS" since the one "Tear" seemed to work in New Hampshire.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blinded By the Light "of the TV News Cameras"

The Hillary "Tear" is still in the news. The latest news is that the woman, 64 year old lifelong Democrat and former Carter campaign worker, Marianne Pernaud, who asked Hillary "The Question" that elicited "The Tear" wasn't moved enough, standing directly in front of Hillary, to actually vote for Hillary. Marianne, it seems, was more moved to her own tears by a speech by "Jim" Obama earlier in the day.

WOW !!!!!! Now to be fair, Marianne said she thought the tear was "Real" but, because Hillary paused for about 10 seconds after the tear, and then immediately began a negative tirade against "Jim" Obama, Marianne was turned off by the incident and cast her vote for "Jim". Marianne was turned off by Hillary being Hillary. If only it was really that easy to just send Hillary home.

Here's to the "Mainstream Media" (including Fox News in this particular case) for controlling the story to show only Hillary's Alligator Tear OUT OF CONTEXT with the entire incident. If you get your news through carefully controlled sound bites, you aren't getting the full story. You are getting a spin on the story making it tell what the newsroom wants it to tell.

I was a Collateral Duty Public Affairs Officer in the Navy, and one of my tasks was to ensure that the local media reporting stories on my base and the personnel attached there were telling facts and NOT spinning the stories to their end. We actually banned one reporter from the base while I was there. His station was still allowed to report from the base but NOT by that particular reporter because he played "Loose" with the facts. After dealing with them for 3 years, I know how the "Mainstream Media" works.

The same thing happened in Los Angeles with the "Rodney King Beating by Police" scandal. The initial video, broadcast live during the incident showed the entire incident including the chase through the streets of LA with an "insane individual" behind the wheel rapidly changing lanes while traveling at very high speeds (close to 100 miles per hour if I remember the incident correctly), followed by the police pulling him from the car and Rodney FIGHTING BACK with the police and refusing to stay down while he was being handcuffed.

After seeing that video, honestly, Rodney King wasn't beaten severely enough based on his actions that night and the police officers really showed great restraint and really only tried to subdue a crazed individual in a probable drug induced stupor, who refused to be handcuffed, however, based on the sound bites and short clips that were shown on the "NEWS" during the trial, the News Media MADE THE POLICE OFFICERS LOOK GUILTY, simply by the spin on the stories and film bites that they chose to broadcast.

THE MORAL TO THE STORY: Be careful about the choices you make based on 10 second sound bites and video clips. You may be getting suckered into doing what someone who is not completely honest wants you to do, not necessarily what would normally be your actual choice!!!!

And MOST IMPORTANTLY: If you are still voting Democrat, you are stuck on STUPID !

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Who Moved the Cheese ?

A few years ago, when I was slaving in the "corporate" world, I was given a book by my boss and told that the company wanted everybody to read it. The title of the book was "Who Moved My Cheese" and the basic tenet was that corporations that don't change with the times end up running around like chickens (or in the case of this book, mice) with their heads cut off (which is something I have witnessed for real). The book was an OK read with a "GOOD CORPORATE MORAL TO THE STORY" but now, I think of something else when I think of the title of that book.

I think of the election season we are all watching. I would like to postulate some changes in the story to fit in with the politics. First, we are not watching cute little mice scurrying about looking for cheese in a maze. This is more like watching a bunch of rats chasing after a really huge chunk of "Golden Cheese", the U.S. Treasury filled with our tax dollars.

The story started in Iowa, with the rats poking their noses into every little nook and cranny in Iowa trying to track down the fattest nest of taxpayers they could find and then began kissing their butts and making all kinds of promises for a piece of the "Golden Cheese". That story ended with Huck and Jim cruising down the Mississippi on a raft with their respective little pieces of "GC" hidden in the tent.

Last night, Mrs Bubba, after crying a Mississippi River of fake alligator tears (YES, I know that the phrase "Alligator Tears" is an analogy for fake tears but Hillary is such a fake that her fake tears were fake), picked up her piece of GC, and loaded up the truck and headed for the bright lights of Vegas. The RINO was hot on her tail (what a visual that makes) ... UGGHHHHH ! Most of the remaining rats are following last nights winners to Vegas to gamble who will get the GC waiting there. Some of the others are skipping Vegas (maybe they don't like to gamble) and getting a headstart (good name for a welfare program) in South Carolina and Floriduh.

Another one bites the dust. Bill Richardson is taking his toys and going home to New Mexico where I guess his friends must play nicer than the POTUS wannabes.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Early NH Results

Hillary started today with alligator tears in her eyes, and yes, she is that good of an actress to make a lot of people believe she was choking up during her little sit down speech. WAKE UP PEOPLE, SHE WAS ACTING. AND UNFORTUNATELY, MOST OF YOU BOUGHT THE SCAM TEARS AND ACT BECAUSE AS OF NOW, she leads in NH 39% to 36% over "Jim" Obama. IT WAS A TRICK, and YOU fell for it !!!!!!!!!!

As I type, John Edwards is delivering a speech (As I guessed at least one Democrat would in my post titled "Random Musings" on Sunday December 23 in the Paragraph that starts with * Cigna Health Insurance) referring to the young lady who died because Cigna kept disapproving funding for her needed liver transplant. Without launching into a typical Democrat tirade about socialized medicine (oops, I mean "Universal Healthcare" ha-ha) Mr Charisma 2008 hinted that we need "Universal Healthcare" after citing several other "questionable decisions" by Insurance companies.

Finally, it is a big night for the Democrats since RINO (Republican In Name Only) John McCain is in the lead in the Republican Race. He should be running as a conservative Democrat with Joe Lieberman instead of polluting the conservative waters with his Liberalism Light brand of being a Republican.

Oh MY GOD!!!!!! Terry McAulliffe has come out of the woodwork and is being interviewed by Fox News. It looks like All of The Good Old Boy "Buddies of Bubba" are slowly working their way back into the limelight. Rumor has it that James Carville may be coming out of the woodwork as well. It looks like Jesse Jackson was only the first "reverse cockroach" to come out into the spotlight to celebrate a Billary Clinton win in New Hampshire.

THEY'RE BAAAA_AAACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I must repeat: If you're still voting Democrat, you're STUCK ON STUPID !!!

Monday, January 7, 2008

The Supremes Ponder Lethal Injection

I originally planned to wax eloquent about the Republican "Forum" held in New Hampshire yesterday and discuss "breaking news" about the candidates and the latest polls. That however has been postponed since a "More relevant and more important" topic has hit the news today. It seems that a 2 time murderer is whining to the Supreme Court about the "problems" with the current lethal injection cocktail.

Ralph S. Baze of Kentucky "Shot the Sheriff and the Deputy" in cold blood in 1992. I am sure he pondered the fact that they may have suffered pain before they died. Now Ralphie is facing lethal injection (FINALLY) and he gets a hearing before the Supreme Court because the "3 drug cocktail" used for the lethal injection may not "work properly" and might allow the inmate to actually feel pain when they finally receive JUSTICE!

If we were talking about someone who deserved an ounce of pity, I would be all for the Supremes Review. However, we are talking about a COLD-BLOODED MURDERER who should have paid for his crimes years ago. Based on his crimes, I DO NOT BELIEVE HE DESERVES A PAINLESS DEATH. PLANT HIS ASS IN AN ELECTRIC CHAIR, TURN DOWN THE CURRENT A LITTLE AND LET HIM COOK......S L O W L Y. I would even volunteer to operate the switch.

When these murderers show compassion to their victims, maybe then they have a right to ask for compassion. Until then, kill them and if it's painful for them, TOO BAD, JUSTICE WILL STILL BE SERVED.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Iowa Caucus Results: A Mark Twain Novel?

I woke up this morning and turned on the TV, only to be greeted by the Black Cockroach, Jesse Jackson. Apparently, since Osama Obama won the Democrat Caucus in Iowa last night, Jesse had a sudden feeling that he may be relevant for a change. Jesse is like a mixed up cockroach, he only comes out of the woodwork when the spotlights are turned on to a news story involving a black person. During the interview, Jesse actually had the 'nads to make a reference to his quasi-bid for the "White House" many years ago. Crawl back into the woodwork Jesse, you are still NOT relevant.

Moving to the caucus winners in Iowa, we have Huckabee and Obama taking first place for their respective parties. Am I the only one to see a similarity to a certain Mark Twain novel. I have a vision floating in my head of Huckabee or "Huck" and his ever faithful "Jim" (Obama) floating down the Mississippi on a log raft with a small canvas tent near the back, wearing tattered clothes and smoking a corncob pipe. OK, I know this vision is twisted and Mark Twain is probably turning over in his grave at the analogy I have conjured, BUT, I can't help myself. I think of "Huckleberry Finn" now everytime I see Huckabee or Obama on TV.

The best part of the caucus results was Hillary being "smacked down" to a third place finish. I rejoice at even the smallest defeat she suffers. She is a pompous bitch who is fighting to turn my beloved country into a Socialist State and ANYTHING that causes her to lose is the best thing for this country. Thank You Iowa Democrats. New Hampshire is next, let's hope they hand her the next smackdown.

The second best part: Fred Thompson moved UP to a third place finish. Fred always starts slow and finishes strong. If you don't learn from history.... "W" finished 3rd in Iowa 7 tears ago. Let's hope Fred's 3rd place finish ends with the same result.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Circus Comes to Town

The circus "Officially" starts today with the "Caucuses" in Iowa. After watching and listening to politicians and pundits and newsreaders from a variety backgrounds and influences, it becomes readily apparent that most Americans have no idea what kind of government we have nor how it was "intelligently designed" to work.

Ask any American what type of government we have and I would guess at least 80% would say "A Democracy". WRONG!!!!!!! Our Founding Fathers specifically avoided the Democratic form of government because of the chaos it tends to create without the ability to resolve the issues that plague it. Now granted, the members of the Democrat Party would like you to think it is. Please note, it is in reality NOT the "Democratic" Party although most of it's members like to think otherwise.

It is interesting to note that the Democrat Party, who constantly waves their banner as standing UP for minorities and the "poor" was founded by Andrew "Stonewall" Jackson, the Architect and Enforcer of the "Trail of Tears" which will be discussed in an upcoming post. Stay tuned.

Our form of government is a Representative Republic. We as citizens do not have the "Right to Vote" for any of the routine matters that transpire day to day. That would be a democracy and now you know why we would be in a constant state of chaos. 100 Senators and 435 Congressmen have a hard time reaching a concensus. What would it be like to get an answer out of the entire population.

In the early days of our Republic, NO "ordinary" citizens voted for the President. Local elected government officials would appoint an elector who would get together with the other electors in a state and "caucus" to determine who would get that states "Electoral Votes" for President. The Electoral College would meet, their votes would be cast and the President would be elected. There was no "popular vote" for President and hence, there was never a "Right to Vote" established in the Constitution for Presidential elections.

The right to vote is established by the individual States as a "States Rights" issue. Yes, there have been several Amendments added to the Constitution restricting the rights of the States to limit the right to vote to various "minority " groups. States may not limit voting rights to women or to anyone based on race, creed, color, religion, etc. States are restricted from levying any type of "Poll Tax" which would restrict the poor from being able to vote. Throughout all of this, the Constitution of the United States does NOT grant the "Right to Vote" to anyone.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I'm Baaaa-aaack

The holidays are over and it's time to pull my head out from under the covers of my long winter's nap and get back to paying attention to what is happening in the world. Guess what?? With a very few exceptions, NOTHING HAS HAPPENED since Christmas. Let's see ... Benazir Bhutto was assassinated. Big Deal. I don't see a big reason to mourn that.

Three teens IN San Francisco were attacked by a tiger that jumped out of it's enclosure. The 2 survivors are refusing to talk. A bottle of vodka and slingshots were found in their possession. Sounds like the tiger was getting tired of getting pelted with stones, pine cones and sticks. The tiger is dead, one teen is dead. Wow, wasn't that fun? Too bad the tiger didn't get the other two teens worse than it did. That would have been justice FOR THEM MISTREATING AND TAUNTING A CAPTIVE ANIMAL.

Hillary sent us a Christmas card in the way of a political TV ad. Hey Hillary, who's going to pay for all of your Socialist "Gifts"? These programs aren't "free". It's NOT a gift if I have to pay for it with higher taxes. Karl Marx would be proud of you for the "gift" of Pre-Kindergarten for ALL children. Start the socialist brainwashing of our children one whole year sooner. My hero --- NOT!!!!

The TV writers strike continues. WHO CARES ????????? They need to get a life and hopefully, soon, they will need to get a new job because they have lost their writing jobs because of this STUPID strike.

The really GOOD news. We should have bumper crops of corn, wheat, soy beans, etc in Iowa this year because the fertilizer is flowing knee deep with the political caucuses going on now. If you have been listening carefully to the rhetoric, It is really scary to think that one of these fools could be the most powerful person in the world.

Meanwhile, my man Fred is sitting back letting everybody else look stupid and the media blames Fred for not being "enthusiastic" about politics. He isn't enthusiastic about the silly games and in my eyes, that's a good thing. Fred is just a good old no nonsense Southern boy who just wants to state his platform and let the voters decide. NO Games, NO Politics. It worked in his Senate race in Tennessee and I hope the rest of the country is as smart as Tennesseans to recognize a great, no nonsense LEADER. IF THEY ARE, FRED WILL BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT.