Friday, April 27, 2012

Freedom of Speech

Well, it's been a long week trying to write my first real post of this new election season.  No, I haven't been suffering from writers block...just the opposite...I have too many things I want to say and I have been trying to prioritize my thoughts and limit them to a digestible size and keep my posts concise and not ramble on about too many different subjects in each post.

First, I want to give some fresh background about what I want to cover and how.  I proudly served this great nation in the U.S. Navy for 23+ years.  During that period, I took The United States Navy Oath of Enlistment a total of 7 times.  In that Oath, I swore " protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from ALL enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC..."  I still cherish our Constitution (I carry a copy with me at all times) and I still feel compelled to continue to Live The Oath Every Day.  Keeping that in mind, I feel that President Obama has trampled on the Constitution and does therefore fit the definition of a DOMESTIC ENEMY.  I therefore feel compelled to continue to protect and defend the Constitution by doing everything legally within my power to help enable the defeat of the President's bid for a second term.

Over the next several months, I will try to outline exactly what I feel the President has done (or not done) and why I feel he is NOT living up to the Constitutional duties of his office.  This week, a Marine Sergeant with 10 (?) years of service was kicked out of the Corps (or as the President once stated, "The Corpse") because of a posting he made on Facebook about refusing to follow the orders of the President.  Although I understand and sympathize with his position, the outcome  from his actions were CORRECT.  He forgot that as an active duty member of the military, he does NOT enjoy the Constitutional First Amendment protection of Freedom of Speech.

We all know that Freedom of Speech does have some legal limitations, such as the problem this Marine Sergeant faced as well as perjury, libel and slander, falsely yelling fire in a crowded theater, etc.  Unfortunately, the liberals (or progressives, or socialists) believe that they have a right to shut you up for perfectly legal, truthful speech that they just disagree with. Call it by the common term in use now...political correctness.  They feel that if you say something that they disagree with, something they find OFFENSIVE, they have the right to shut you up.  UNFORTUNATELY, they should be on the losing side of that battle since the Constitution clearly addresses Freedom of Speech, Freedom from Being Offended...NOT SO MUCH !! 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Well, I have been away from blogging for awhile.  With everything going on in this year's campaigns, I just can't stay quiet any longer and I suspect at least some of my Facebook "Friends" don't appreciate a lot of my comments. I will invite all of them to my blog and if they are interested, they can read what I have to say and if they aren't interested, Screw ''s their loss.  Stay tuned, I'll be starting soon.