Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Early NH Results

Hillary started today with alligator tears in her eyes, and yes, she is that good of an actress to make a lot of people believe she was choking up during her little sit down speech. WAKE UP PEOPLE, SHE WAS ACTING. AND UNFORTUNATELY, MOST OF YOU BOUGHT THE SCAM TEARS AND ACT BECAUSE AS OF NOW, she leads in NH 39% to 36% over "Jim" Obama. IT WAS A TRICK, and YOU fell for it !!!!!!!!!!

As I type, John Edwards is delivering a speech (As I guessed at least one Democrat would in my post titled "Random Musings" on Sunday December 23 in the Paragraph that starts with * Cigna Health Insurance) referring to the young lady who died because Cigna kept disapproving funding for her needed liver transplant. Without launching into a typical Democrat tirade about socialized medicine (oops, I mean "Universal Healthcare" ha-ha) Mr Charisma 2008 hinted that we need "Universal Healthcare" after citing several other "questionable decisions" by Insurance companies.

Finally, it is a big night for the Democrats since RINO (Republican In Name Only) John McCain is in the lead in the Republican Race. He should be running as a conservative Democrat with Joe Lieberman instead of polluting the conservative waters with his Liberalism Light brand of being a Republican.

Oh MY GOD!!!!!! Terry McAulliffe has come out of the woodwork and is being interviewed by Fox News. It looks like All of The Good Old Boy "Buddies of Bubba" are slowly working their way back into the limelight. Rumor has it that James Carville may be coming out of the woodwork as well. It looks like Jesse Jackson was only the first "reverse cockroach" to come out into the spotlight to celebrate a Billary Clinton win in New Hampshire.

THEY'RE BAAAA_AAACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I must repeat: If you're still voting Democrat, you're STUCK ON STUPID !!!

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