Monday, January 7, 2008

The Supremes Ponder Lethal Injection

I originally planned to wax eloquent about the Republican "Forum" held in New Hampshire yesterday and discuss "breaking news" about the candidates and the latest polls. That however has been postponed since a "More relevant and more important" topic has hit the news today. It seems that a 2 time murderer is whining to the Supreme Court about the "problems" with the current lethal injection cocktail.

Ralph S. Baze of Kentucky "Shot the Sheriff and the Deputy" in cold blood in 1992. I am sure he pondered the fact that they may have suffered pain before they died. Now Ralphie is facing lethal injection (FINALLY) and he gets a hearing before the Supreme Court because the "3 drug cocktail" used for the lethal injection may not "work properly" and might allow the inmate to actually feel pain when they finally receive JUSTICE!

If we were talking about someone who deserved an ounce of pity, I would be all for the Supremes Review. However, we are talking about a COLD-BLOODED MURDERER who should have paid for his crimes years ago. Based on his crimes, I DO NOT BELIEVE HE DESERVES A PAINLESS DEATH. PLANT HIS ASS IN AN ELECTRIC CHAIR, TURN DOWN THE CURRENT A LITTLE AND LET HIM COOK......S L O W L Y. I would even volunteer to operate the switch.

When these murderers show compassion to their victims, maybe then they have a right to ask for compassion. Until then, kill them and if it's painful for them, TOO BAD, JUSTICE WILL STILL BE SERVED.

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