Friday, January 11, 2008

Fred Wins SC Debate

I watched the entire South Carolina Republican Debate last night and the assembled focus group almost unanimously picked Fred as the debate winner. Fred said to wait for South Carolina, and he was "Right Said Fred". Fred came out swinging and virtually controlled the tempo and direction of the debate. Fred put "Huck" on the spot several times and left him stuttering.

Now I have a question, two actually: WHO THE HELL IS THIS RON PAUL CHARACTER AND WHAT DID HE SAY ??????? OK, I know who he is, but what did he say? I do want to know who left the door unlocked so he got in? Ron Paul is a crack pot who must have been high on uppers. He spoke so fast that even if he was making any sense, (and he wasn't) you still wouldn't be able to understand him.

Whoever wants him to seriously be the President, needs to picture him in front of congress giving the State of the Union address. What about meeting foreign dignitaries. Is this really what you want representing the United States to the world. I have visions of this guy sitting at a State Dinner with his napkin tucked into his collar. Ron Paul needs to go home.

My little buddy, Dennis "The Menace" Kucinich is showing his TRUE DEMOCRAT COLORS. He actually demanded a full recount of the New Hampshire Democrat Primary votes. Straight out of the Al Gore and John Kerry playbook. Except, that "The Menace" wasn't close to a tie for winning. He wasn't even close to a tie for losing. He came in dead last, not even close. So what was he doing? Supposedly, the vote results weren't close to the polling results so Dennis wanted to investigate why. Let's just send Dennis home.

Finally, "The Quote of the Day". Mary Matalin, the Republican Strategist, was discussing Hillary's search for a new campaign slogan right after a discussion about Hilary's Alligator Tear. Mary suggested Hillary adopt "FOUR MORE TEARS" since the one "Tear" seemed to work in New Hampshire.

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