Sunday, December 23, 2007

MORE Random Musings

I tuckered out yesterday before I completed my list of Random Musings, so here are some more stories to enrage, inspire or amuse you.

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Well, since my last report on "The Jerk", (in my post on December 3rd, 2007, titled "OOOPS!!!!!) it appears that Madame Nancy and Her Defeatocrat House of Ill Repute have actually shortened the leash on "The Jerk" after his proclamation that "The Surge" is working. Apparently, Madame Nancy does control him and has applied a muzzle to the idiot. I hope he doesn't manage to chew it off. I'm enjoying the peace and quiet of not hearing from "The Jerk".

  • I enjoyed my annual tradition of viewing the Chevy Chase holiday movie "Christmas Vacation" last night. I couldn't help but think of the Northern California family that had to be rescued by helicopter because apparently they didn't learn about the perils of getting a tree from nature by watching this movie first.
  • VLAD THE PUTIN was named Time Magazine's "Person of the Year". WHY ?????????????
  • The CIA Tapes "SCANDAL" continues. GET A CLUE PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!! They don't destroy the tapes, and they are leaked by the Defeatocrats and broadcast worldwide. It is time to realize that we need to keep some secrets about our intelligence gathering operations. When Congress knows, the public knows and then, OUR ENEMIES KNOW (which is stupidity, NOT intelligence).
  • I saw a report that a man was stabbed by his wife for opening his Christmas present early. I guess asking for a divorce is out of the question.
  • Cigna Health Insurance denied a claim for a liver transplant repeatedly and finally, decided to authorize the surgery too late and the patient dies. CIGNA KILLED THIS YOUNG GIRL AND SHOULD BE HELD CIVILLY AND CRIMINALLY LIABLE. This is not a case to use for arguments for universal healthcare because at least CIGNA eventually approved the transplant which never would have happened under a socialist system. This is a case that has the possibility to strengthen our current open market system when someone at CIGNA goes to jail for manslaughter (if not second degree murder) and the company is sued to near bankruptcy. None of these results would be allowed in a socialist style healthcare system as advocated by the likes of Hillary.
  • AND FINALLY FOR THIS POST: Today is the First Day of "Festivus", the "Holiday for the Rest of Us". Everyone should run out and get their Festivus Pole and erect it in your living room. For the uneducated, a Festivus Pole is a plain, undecorated pole. No tinsel, no lights. I recommend a small pole so no one is tempted into becoming a stripper and using the Festivus Pole as a quasi-stripper pole. Today is the day of Festivus where you get to air your grievances against friends and loved ones without it being held against you. HAPPY FESTIVUS !!!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Random Musings

It has been a busy week for news but none of the stories sparked my interest to "Wax Eloquent" for several paragraphs on one subject. SO, I will touch lightly on a number of subjects that I consider interesting.

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Hillary Clinton, in the photo on the left, appears as we are used to seeing her on TV and in Print. In the photo on the right, we get a never before seen view of the TRUE Hillary. Wrinkled and haggard looking.

This can NOT be a miracle of make-up. I want to know what kind of spackle she uses to fill those wrinkles. I want to buy stock in that company because she must order it by the ton.

  • The NEWS story filling the headlines is the Stacey Peterson "disappearance". In my opinion, Her GOOFBALL husband killed her and wife #3 also. Striking similarities to the Laci Peterson murder on Christmas Eve 2002. Especially the names.
  • The "Huckster" Mike Huckabee has been OFFICIALLY REMOVED from my list that appeared last Sunday, December 16th. I told you I would be watching him. His memory is already failing: When asked if he wrote the speech that accused the President of "Bunker Mentality", he didn't remember. I would have given him a pass if he had admitted it, but using the forgetfulness excuse already means he is afraid to stand up for what he believes in. We don't need another Bubba in White House even if this one claims to be Republican.
  • BRAVO (Loud Applause) to Dana Perino, the current White House Press Secretary. She shut down the NY Times by forcing them to print a retraction to a story they twisted about a comment Dana made during a briefing. While addressing the problem in the White House Briefing Room she SHUT DOWN attempted interruptions by Helen Thomas, the rude, ignorant OLD BAG from Hearst Newspapers that thinks she owns the White House because she was one of the original squatters on the land the White House was built on.
  • I was struck by an amazing revelation this week while watching Fox News Channel. The reason they call it Fox News is because they have the absolute best looking group of Newsreaders of any network. They are ALL FOXES !!!!!!! Keep up the good work Fox News Network.
  • Bubba's Influence Makes It Into The Classroom: I knew it was only a matter of time until this happened. A high school teacher was approached by a female student who was in jeopardy of failing his class. After several days of demands by the teacher for oral sex as the ONLY way to fix her grades, the young female agreed to perform the act on the teacher to get a passing grade. The pair went into the Teacher's Lounge to consummate the act where the teacher was immediately arrested. It seems the student really wasn't that kind of girl and she reported the situation to authorities who promptly set up the sting and even had the student wear a wire to the classroom to record the "negotiations". I VOTE FOR CASTRATING THE TEACHER. Oh, and apparently Monica was that kind of girl.
  • Deborah LaFave is back in court for breaking the terms of her parole by talking to a girl (age 17 1/2 and therefore technically) under the age of 18. I think it's time for Deborah to be punished. Maybe they could force her to sleep with me as punishment.
  • Britney Spears didn't make the headlines this week for outrageous conduct, but her 16 year old sister Jamie Lynn did: she's pregnant. Reports indicated Jamie Lynn was living with her 19 year old boyfriend with her mother's blessing. Reports also indicate that Lynn Spears (Britney and Jamie's mom) negotiated a million dollar photo deal for the baby pictures. Apparently, Lynn was about to have a book on parenting published soon. THANK GOD, the publisher has decided NOT TO PUBLISH the book. Lynn Spears is OBVIOUSLY NOT the person to offer anyone advice on parenting. Odds are that Lynn is the reason her daughters are so messed up.
  • SHE"S BAAAAACK - - - We are nearing the end of the year and everyone is including video of Miss South Carolina and her dissertation on why U.S. students can't find the U.S. on a map. Remember "...such as the Iraq..." She will go to her grave hearing "...such as the Iraq..."

Monday, December 17, 2007

Time for the Unions to Fade Away

The Hollywood Writers Strike - - - BOGUS !!!

Professional Sports Players Union - - - DOUBLE BOGUS !!!!!


When the Unions, and I mean ALL true Labor Unions were developed, they were needed. Workers were underpaid, overworked and had NO protection from the Government. The Unions were a good thing. In today's glut of Federal and State Regulatory Oversight, Unions NO LONGER SERVE A USEFUL PURPOSE.

Let's start with the Hollywood Writers. As a Professional Photographer/Videographer, I work in a medium that relies heavily on Copyright Laws and Protections. I am NOT a member of a Photographers Union and would NOT join one if it were available. Why????? Because I don't feel I need to pay extravagant Union Dues for protections I already have available for free from the Copyright Laws.

When I am hired by a business or corporate entity, like the TV Networks, Studios, etc., my contract with them falls under the "Work For Hire" clause which, simply stated means that I agree with the company hiring me on a price for my work and the specifications for the product I will provide. I produce the work, they pay me and they own the work. Any future profits or residuals belong to them. This is fair because as an artist, that is the contract I agreed to.

When I am not being paid for "Work For Hire", I go out on speculative , or "spec" projects. I do the work without pay, speculating that someone will be interested in the work and will pay me for the rights to publish my work. When I sell a "spec" piece, I will normally charge more for it simply because all of my spec work just doesn't sell. Sign a contract, and get what you order for the agreed price and get a bargain or fall in love with a "spec" piece and pay more for the limited publishing rights on a piece that I will still own.

For some reason, these Hollywood writers who produce "Work For Hire" think they should be able to come back later and get another check because the Network, Studio, etc. through additional investment and/or just plain good business practices are able to come up with an additional revenue stream for the work that they should by law own outright anyway. These writers who sit down at their computers and write an original script on their own time on speculation deserve to sell the script for big bucks and residuals, etc. Work For Hire for Leno, take your weekly paycheck, be happy and write tomorrow nights monologue and quit crying about the Networks and Studios being "unfair".

Sports Players Unions are just plain wrong. Baseball announced an increase in ticket prices for next season. Supposedly, a field level ticket for the Yankees will be $400 next year. That is just insane and the Players Union is at fault for commanding outrageous salaries for the players. OOPS, maybe I'm wrong, HOW MUCH ARE THE PLAYERS PAYING FOR THEIR STEROID FIXES!!!! Maybe they do need the ridiculous pay checks to pay for their drugs. MAY THEY ALL SUFFER LIVER FAILURE AND NOT GET TO ENJOY THE BLOOD MONEY THEY ARE STEALING FROM THE FANS. This paragraph, although using baseball as an example applies in various degrees to Football, Basketball, Hockey and probably Soccer as well. I used baseball as an example simply because it is the hot news item right now.

Last, but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, the teachers unions. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM WITH OUR EDUCATION SYSTEM TODAY IS THE TEACHERS' UNIONS. The Teacher's Unions, in particular the NEA, are the primary link to promoting Socialism in the United States. Although we have MANY FINE, DEDICATED TEACHERS in our public schools, too often their hands are tied by the teachers unions in developing Socialist curriculum and administrative procedures. I am so glad that my "children" are really adults now and I don't personally have to deal with the public school system anymore.

The first time my child's belongings, pens, pencils, paper, etc. (which would ALL be labeled with my child's name) was confiscated and put in the "community supplies box", I would be in the classroom giving the teacher a lesson in "personal property". YES, a COMMUNITY SUPPLIES BOX is a lesson in SOCIALISM and is NOT appropriate for our public schools. It is time for the NEA and like unions to be BANNED from our public schools.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Picking a Winner

As I sit here with my finger up my nose trying to pick a winner, I realize why I have waited so long to write this post. I knew someone would screw up and say or do something to change my mind. The screw up does not affect my "First Choice" Candidate but it does give me cause for concern in the running for Second Place. So far, I have not changed the order, BUT I will be watching "Huck".

Republican Candidates

MY FIRST PLACE PICK: Fred Dalton Thompson. The MOST Reaganesque of all of the Republicans. He is 1000% right on illegal immigration and abolishment of the IRS. I would favor the "FAIR TAX" as opposed to the Flat Tax that Fred seems to favor, but the Socialist System of graduated income taxes MUST GO !!!! Finally, Fred has learned the Reagan lesson of "PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH" which won the Cold War and is even more important with the War on Terror. Fred wants to finish the war that Saddam Hussein started and NOT TO SURRENDER.

MY SECOND PLACE PICK: Mike Huckabee. His platform is closest to Fred's. He favors the FAIR TAX, stopping illegal immigration, and strengthening our military and taking the day to day running of the war out of the hands of the politicians. His recent comments about President Bush did not sit well with me but not enough to affect his position.

MY THIRD PLACE PICK: Rudy Giulani. A little too liberal for me but he does have the crisis management experience necessary for the job.

MY FOURTH PLACE PICK: Mitt Romney. A Better choice than ANY of the Democrats.

Democrat Candidates
MY FIRST PLACE PICK: Dennis Kucinich. LIBERAL NUT-JOB. Has the least credible chance of being elected President. Let's hope he is the Democrat Candidate in November '08
MY SECOND PLACE PICK: Bill Richardson. WHOOO?????
MY THIRD PLACE PICK: John Edwards. Most like Bubba with his mega-bucks haircuts. Couldn't get elected as Vice President and should not be elected President. ALL STYLE, NO SUBSTANCE.
MY FOURTH PLACE PICK: Barack Obama. This time Oprah got it wrong. Barack got it wrong when he said he looked forward to having Hillary as an advisor. Hopefully, he was just joking.
MY LAST PLACE PICK: Hillary Clinton. Claims her superior leadership experience, then why didn't she get Hillary-care passed when Bubba was President. Heard a GREAT COMMENT on the radio that her lead is going down faster than Monica in the Oval Office. Let's hope she totally tanks.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Vindication AGAIN !!!!!

As I listened to "Fox and Friends" rebroadcast on Sirius Satellite Radio this morning, I received another vindication. They were discussing yesterday's Iowa Republican Debate and broadened the discussion to the Democrat race. One of the hosts speculated that Hillary Clinton was actually running so that Bill could surreptitiously get a THIRD TERM as President.


I said the same thing in my post titled "Character or Charisma?" dated November 29, 2007.

As a newcomer to the Blogosphere, it really feels great to be leading the way in posting ideas about current political events. Stay tuned, I HAVE ONLY JUST SCRATCHED THE SURFACE OF MY IDEAS AND IDEALS.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


How cool is this????? An article published today that reinforces the comments I made Saturday. It is one thing to read an article and then rehash what it said in my posts. It is quite another to make statements about MY OPINIONS regarding Global Warming like I made in Saturday's post and then have many of my "opinions" confirmed by leading climatological scientists.

Hooray for ME !!!!!!!

Here is a link to the article:

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Global Warming Scam

Al Gore is laughing, all the way to the bank. It turns out he has pulled off the Scam of the Century. So he didn't get elected POTUS. He has gotten an Oscar, a Nobel Prize and a boat load of cash. All for creating the biggest scam in years. Yes, I sincerely believe that Al Gore's Man Made Global Warming is a SCAM, mainly because I wouldn't personally believe anything Al Gore claimed. He spent too much time as Bubba's Buddy and I don't believe he has any more character than Bubba and on top of that, Bubba didn't share any of his secrets of charisma with Al.

This past week, Madame Nancy's Democrat House of Ill Repute passed a "Global Warming" Bill (that included $21 Billion Dollars worth of increased taxes including $13.5 Billion in taxes on the oil companies which should really help lower prices at the gas pumps???) part of which is designed to reduce global warming by mandating that American auto makers improve gas mileage in the new cars they will be building and to increase the use of bio-fuels. That bill along with the world wide global warming demonstrations taking place this weekend are the driving factors behind this post.

But, let's focus on the Global Warming Scam. As I stated in previous posts, several Liberal "Tricks" are at play here. To play on a former quote from Hillary, Global Warming is a vast LEFT WING CONSPIRACY!!! One of the most common Liberal Tricks is to invent a CRISIS and then insist they can save us through a series new taxes and a larger government bureaucracy. The next step, as I mentioned yesterday, is that if you repeat the same lie often enough, the uneducated or uninformed masses will eventually believe it is the truth.

Al Gore has been a one man Global Warming Propaganda Machine, what with a best selling book, an Oscar winning film and a Nobel Prize all for his lies and twisted truths about global warming. He has even been invited to the White House, but only as a guest, not as a resident, thank God.

Let's look at global warming. The Earth is approximately 4.6 billion years old. We have indisputable evidence of billions of years of radical climate change. We even have evidence that the entire Earth was completely covered with ice at one point, but for most of the history of the earth, global temperature has fluctuated constantly. Now understand that in the big picture, many of these fluctuations transpired slowly over hundreds of thousands of years. Some faster, some slower.

What caused the billions of years of fluctuations prior to mankind's emerging industrial age that started less than 200 years ago? Some changes occurred because of fluctuations in solar activity. Some fluctuations were caused by changes in the tilt of the Earth's axis. Some fluctuations were caused by changes induced by continental drift. Yes, fluctuations have occurred because of atmospheric changes caused by large meteorites (like the one that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs) and super volcanic eruptions like Yellowstone 630,000 years ago.

Throughout all of the billions of years of climate fluctuations, there has never been a period of absolutely stable temperatures. Why would we believe that our supposed "increased carbon footprint" is the final nail in the coffin with so many gigantic options like increased solar activity, which has been documented recently. How about the geologically recent major eruptions like Mt St Helens and Mt Pinatubo among others. How about the recent admission by NASA that their temperature records were incorrectly calculated. (Refer to this link for info:

Finally, who can be sure that the baseline temperatures recorded 100 years ago were accurate? If NASA with all of their sophisticated equipment can make an error big enough to take us back to the "Dust Bowl" of 1934 as the warmest year on record, as opposed to 1998 reported prior to the corrections, you will have to make some pretty strong arguments to convince me that the temperatures recorded 100 hundred years ago contain ANY degree of technical accuracy. Shoot, we may actually be in the middle of GLOBAL COOLING as was reported as recently as twenty years ago.

To break all of this down, what is the "correct" temperature that the world is supposed to be??? Who gets to decide what that temperature is??? Who is to say that the temperature 30 years ago was "THE" correct temperature which is what the Global Warming Scam is trying to do??? What if the correct temperature should really be two degrees warmer than it is now??? Should we really be trying to play GOD over an arbitrary number and junk science???

When you can give me verifiable correct answers to the above questions that PROVE we are affected by man-made global warming that has indisputably caused the climate to be warmer than it should be, then I will become a disciple to Al Gore. UNTIL THEN...

The Bottom Line: I believe that man-made Global Warming is a SCAM!!!

Friday, December 7, 2007

The CIA Torture "Cover-Up"

Earlier this evening, I saw a report on NBC Nightly News regarding the "supposed" CIA Torture Cover-up resulting from the admitted destruction of video evidence by the CIA of the CIA torturing a terrorist. First of all, Teddy Kennedy appeared complaining about the CIA breaking the law and trying to cover-up the crime.

Let's ask Mary Jo Kopechne's family if Teddy has any right to call anyone a criminal for attempting a cover-up. In case you have forgotten, back in 1969, Teddy was driving drunk with Mary Jo out on a date (yes, Teddy was married but not to Mary Jo) when Teddy lost control of his car and drove off the Chappaquidick Bridge. Teddy managed to get out of the car but Mary Jo didn't. Teddy spent nine hours trying to figure out how to cover the incident up. In the meantime, Mary Jo died. Teddy walked away with NO CHARGES FILED.


Can you tell I am not a big fan of Teddy Kennedy?

Next up to the mike was Senator John McCain, whom I salute for his service and his time served as a POW during the Viet Nam War. However, serving as a POW does NOT automatically make him an expert on the Geneva Conventions, although he would like you to think he is. I know the tenets of the 3rd Geneva Conventions of 1949, but I won't ask you to take my word for it, you can read it for yourself.

Here is a link to the document:

OK, I apologize, it contains a lot of whereas and wherefore legalese but if you wade through it carefully, particularly who qualifies as a prisoner of war under Article 4, you will find that TERRORISTS ARE NOT PROTECTED UNDER THE GENEVA CONVENTIONS. They are terrorists and are subject to torture if we want to torture them. Terrorists act ILLEGALLY and as such are not afforded any protections. Terrorists who are NOT U.S. CITIZENS, have NO PROTECTION UNDER OUR CONSTITUTION.

John McCain and members of the Defeatocrat party may not like it but lying about it does not change it. The lying about it is a standard LIBERAL TRICK: If you repeat the same lie often enough, the uneducated and/or uninformed will eventually believe the lie to be true.

Don't be tricked by the lies. Torture is what the terrorists deserve because it is NOT ILLEGAL, and torture is what they should get. I will continue to repeat it, terrorism can only be defeated by a position of strength.

Deja Vu All Over Again, AGAIN!!!!!

What did the President know and when did he know it ???

Faulty intelligence, public apathy, cover-up ????

Iraq ? NO!

Iran ? NO !

9/11/2001 ? NO !

If we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat it !!

This time, I am talking about the Pearl Harbor attack by Japan on December 7, 1941. Was it a sneak attack? Technically, yes because the Japanese Embassy in Washington, DC had trouble transcribing their message directing the ambassador to deliver a Declaration of War just prior to the start of the attack on Pearl Harbor. Because of this transcription problem, the message was delivered over an hour late and as a result, the attack on Pearl Harbor turned out to be an "unintentional" sneak attack.

OR WAS IT ?????

What did FDR know and when did he know it. The United States just prior to Pearl Harbor was so isolationist / pacifist, that they made our current Defeatocrats look like war-mongers. FDR knew that the U.S. involvement in the war was inevitable, but could not get any support from Congress or the public except for passage of the "Lend-Lease Act" which supposedly maintained our neutrality while providing war materials and supplies to Great Britain.

In the late 1930's, we were selling oil to Japan, who was an oil dependent economy much like we are today. Japanese aggression started to expand and Japan invaded China and started to expand their conquests throughout Southeast Asia. To stem the Japanese aggression, the U.S. placed an embargo on selling oil to Japan. Needless to say, this angered Japan. Hence, their planning and execution of the Pearl Harbor attack.

BUT!!! Was it a "Surprise" Attack???? Again, what did FDR know and when did he know it????

This "conspiracy" has been debated for decades with no concrete answers. As more and more documents are declassified, there is more evidence available to support both sides of the question. What do I think?? I'm glad you asked. I am NOT a hard core advocate of the conspiracy theory, but I lean in that direction. I have some questions about the timing of certain events and the eventual results that appear to me to be more than coincidence.

We had decoded Japanese diplomatic encryption codes for their messages at least a year before Pearl Harbor, which means, that we were reading their diplomatic mail. We had also developed a limited capability to decrypt their Naval codes. Bottom line: FDR most likely knew they were coming, when they were coming and where. FDR even sent a very cryptic message to Admiral Kimmel that they might be coming, but not to interfere with the Japanese because any hostile action must be initiated by Japan.

Also, it has been reported that the Japanese Fleet maintained strict radio silence on their transit to Hawaii. New info has been found that this apparently wasn't true and U.S. Navy "listening stations" intercepted Japanese Fleet radio chatter regularly and through triangulation with radio direction finding equipment, tracked them all the way across the Pacific. The reports on these positions were supposedly sent directly to FDR.

There were NO aircraft carriers in the harbor during the attack. Where were they? One was ferrying aircraft to Wake Island. A second was ferrying aircraft to Midway Island. A third was in San Diego picking up aircraft to ferry to Hawaii. The fourth was still attached to the Atlantic Fleet preparing to transit to Hawaii. Why would we leave Pearl Harbor with ZERO aircraft carriers when we knew the Japanese Fleet was coming?? Because we didn't want to sacrifice good hardware to the attack?

What ships were in the harbor posing as valuable targets ?? Antiquated World War I vintage battleships that lacked the technology to defeat the modern Japanese Fleet and a few antiquated auxilliary ships that were equally expendable. Let Japan destroy our antiques and we have a ready made excuse to build a modern battle fleet capable of defeating Japan and neither Congress nor the public would have the will to disapprove.

So, the bottom line: Was there a conspiracy to allow the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor virtually unopposed as an excuse to bring the United States into World War II ? There are still a lot of documents from the era that remain classified and these documents probably hold the definitive answer, however, until those documents are released, I have to say Yes, I believe at this point, there was a conspiracy led by FDR to get us fully engaged in the war.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

It's Deja Vu All Over Again

What did Bush know and when did he know it???

SOUND FAMILIAR ??????? DEJA VU ?????????

I think we've been down this road before. "Faulty Intelligence", "No weapons of Mass Destruction", "Bush Lied".

If you don't learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it !

This time though, it involves a New NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) on Iran's Nuclear Program. The key word is ESTIMATE. It is NOT SOLID INTEL, it's our best guess, just like the intel on Iraq in 2003. The President did not lay down and roll over for Saddam Hussein and he is not about to lay down and roll over for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad just because he says they have stopped working on nuclear weapons. The intel was faulty in 2003 and we invaded Iraq. OOPS! At least we didn't have a nuke detonated in America. What if the intel is faulty this time and Iran really is close to completing a bomb? I say we need to err in our favor again.

Iran is still enriching uranium and still developing missile systems, and the work on the actual weapons can be restarted in a heartbeat. Thank God Bush isn't falling for the feint like Bubba and his crew did with North Korea. The little Gargoyle has the bomb and Bubba and Madame Albright (who is really NOT so bright) handed it to him on a silver platter. I don't believe we should be careless and drop our guard on Iran like Bubba and the Madame did in North Korea

The amazing thing that is different from the Iraq invasion, SURPRISE!!, Hillary and the Defeatocrats aren't supporting Bush this time and France, and Germany are. Hillary wants to negotiate. How stupid is she???? You can NOT negotiate with radical Muslims. You can fight them and win, you can fight them and lose, or you can roll over and just surrender, but you cannot negotiate with them.

Is it time to invade Iran? NOOOO!!!!!! We tried sanctions on Saddam Hussein for nine years before we invaded. It is time to step up to the plate with the Germans, French, British and hopefully the Russians (although it seems like you can never be sure what Vlad the Putin will do these days) and place stringent sanctions against Iran until they see the light and cooperate FULLY. I don't think we should give Iran nine years though. One year without cooperation and we turn the Iranian desert into glass. If he really wants the BOMB, we should send him one, Special Delivery, set to detonate right above his head.

Remember, the only way to win with radical Muslims is through a position of STRENGTH. Remember Khadafi (Duck) in Libya. His stockpiles of nuclear weapon making materials came to Oak Ridge, Tennessee because he believed Bush was serious. We need to shut up our Liberal Defeatocrats for a while and let President Bush win his "War on Terrorism" before his term is completed.

Monday, December 3, 2007


Jack "The Jerk" Murtha said the surge is working!!!! OOOPS, the House Madame, Madame Nancy might be upset that he admitted that. Not to worry, The Jerk immediately covered his faux pas by stating that the military cannot win anyway and this needs to be a political solution in Iraq. This way, the Defeatocrats can blame the President twice, once for a military loss and once for the political loss.

This is the Defeatocrats goal in Iraq. Defeat President Bush no matter what the cost. Militarily, politically, it doesn't matter, just so Bush loses. And what about our military heroes serving in Iraq. Too bad for them as far as the Jerk is concerned. They are expendable pawns in the rush to embarrass Bush.

Remember, Jerk Murtha was the one who declared our Marines were "Cold Blooded Murderers" in Haditha, long before any of the facts were known or an investigation was completed. The investigation later declared several of the Marines innocent of the charges, but that didn't matter to "The Jerk", he refused to apologize for his rush to judgement. Innocent Marines were slandered by the Jerk hiding behind his Congressional Immunity.

It's time to stop all of this divisiveness and foolishness. It's time for the Defeatocrats to get on board and work for a win in this war instead of surrender. Muslim extremists understand only one principal and that is to win at any cost. They also understand that we have to deal with the Defeatocrat desire to surrender so they have learned to be patient and wait for us to get tired of this war, and take our "toys" and go home, and when we do, they will be patiently waiting to move back in and take control.

We have only one choice, WIN DECISIVELY. Surrender must NOT be considered an option.