Sunday, December 23, 2007

MORE Random Musings

I tuckered out yesterday before I completed my list of Random Musings, so here are some more stories to enrage, inspire or amuse you.

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Well, since my last report on "The Jerk", (in my post on December 3rd, 2007, titled "OOOPS!!!!!) it appears that Madame Nancy and Her Defeatocrat House of Ill Repute have actually shortened the leash on "The Jerk" after his proclamation that "The Surge" is working. Apparently, Madame Nancy does control him and has applied a muzzle to the idiot. I hope he doesn't manage to chew it off. I'm enjoying the peace and quiet of not hearing from "The Jerk".

  • I enjoyed my annual tradition of viewing the Chevy Chase holiday movie "Christmas Vacation" last night. I couldn't help but think of the Northern California family that had to be rescued by helicopter because apparently they didn't learn about the perils of getting a tree from nature by watching this movie first.
  • VLAD THE PUTIN was named Time Magazine's "Person of the Year". WHY ?????????????
  • The CIA Tapes "SCANDAL" continues. GET A CLUE PEOPLE !!!!!!!!!!! They don't destroy the tapes, and they are leaked by the Defeatocrats and broadcast worldwide. It is time to realize that we need to keep some secrets about our intelligence gathering operations. When Congress knows, the public knows and then, OUR ENEMIES KNOW (which is stupidity, NOT intelligence).
  • I saw a report that a man was stabbed by his wife for opening his Christmas present early. I guess asking for a divorce is out of the question.
  • Cigna Health Insurance denied a claim for a liver transplant repeatedly and finally, decided to authorize the surgery too late and the patient dies. CIGNA KILLED THIS YOUNG GIRL AND SHOULD BE HELD CIVILLY AND CRIMINALLY LIABLE. This is not a case to use for arguments for universal healthcare because at least CIGNA eventually approved the transplant which never would have happened under a socialist system. This is a case that has the possibility to strengthen our current open market system when someone at CIGNA goes to jail for manslaughter (if not second degree murder) and the company is sued to near bankruptcy. None of these results would be allowed in a socialist style healthcare system as advocated by the likes of Hillary.
  • AND FINALLY FOR THIS POST: Today is the First Day of "Festivus", the "Holiday for the Rest of Us". Everyone should run out and get their Festivus Pole and erect it in your living room. For the uneducated, a Festivus Pole is a plain, undecorated pole. No tinsel, no lights. I recommend a small pole so no one is tempted into becoming a stripper and using the Festivus Pole as a quasi-stripper pole. Today is the day of Festivus where you get to air your grievances against friends and loved ones without it being held against you. HAPPY FESTIVUS !!!!!

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