Thursday, November 29, 2007

Character or Charisma ?

Unless you have had your head stuck in the sand (or in the case of Liberals, up your anal orifice), election season is upon us. Throughout the swell of debates and 10 second sound bites, one thing is becoming increasingly clear, some of the candidates have a lot of character, some have a lot of charisma, many of the candidates have some of both and some of the candidates have neither. Dennis Kucinich immediately springs to mind as a candidate who has neither.

When thinking about this topic, I decided on the name of this post when I heard the recent news that "Bubba", stumping for Hillary, declared that he was against the Iraq War from the beginning. Not exactly what he was saying back when we were getting ready to invade Iraq, but when did the truth ever matter to "Bubba" when he wanted to make a point??? The man is a convicted perjurer (NO, his lies then were NOT just about sex, but about denying another citizen their Constitutional Rights in a court of law), which is a legal term for LIAR !!!! And just to set the record straight, s-e-x is an integral part of the term "oral sex", which basically means that oral sex IS sex. It doesn't matter what the definition if "is" is.

I digressed, but during Bubba's speech that was supposed to be about Hillary's qualifications to be president, he referred to himself (and his legacy) 94 times and mentioned Hillary ONLY 7 times. So the BIG QUESTION IS --- who is running for President. Was He trying to tell us that we should vote for Hillary so she can be his "Puppet President" so he can really serve another two terms?

When I thought of this, I immediately thought of this post title, "Character or Charisma?". Anyone who has studied Bubba knows that you DO NOT NEED CHARACTER TO BE POTUS, JUST CHARISMA. And what about President Bush? Well, I still believe that President Bush is a man of character and honesty, but I have to say that after Bubba, we were overloaded with charisma, and President Bush just can't compete with Bubba in the charisma department. Oh, by the way, let me clarify by saying that charisma is just a fancy way of saying "Bullshit Artist", so give me a President with CHARACTER any day.

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