Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

Well, it is time for the annual obligatory reflection on our lives and to enumerate the things for which we are thankful. As with almost everyone, I am thankful for my family, my country, my health, etc., etc. But this year, I want to challenge you to be creative with your thankfulness.

Yes, I am thankful for my wife. Don't let her read this, but she is the love of my life but more importantly, she is my best friend and my confidant. She is always my sanity check and the one I can count on for encouragement and advice and the one I can rely on to tell me when I am heading down the wrong road.

I am thankful for both of my sons. They are total opposites of the other. Each in his own way makes me very proud. When you raise your children as a conscientious parent, you try to instill your morals and values, and then pray they "got it" and then you have to let go, sit back, and watch what they do with "IT". Each of my sons, in their own unique way, did get it, and each in their own unique way make me proud every day. They make me feel like I did the parenting thing right.

I am thankful for my beautiful daughter-in-law, the love of my eldest sons life and mother of my beautiful grand-daughters who are the greatest blessing of my life. Grandchildren are the blessing we receive for the love we have shared.

I am thankful for this great nation that I have been blessed to live in and to serve. The great experiment of our founding fathers is a success and will continue to be successful as long as we follow their road map for success, my favorite document, The Constitution of the United States. I have quoted the constitution in previous posts and will quote it on a regular basis. We must remain diligent to ensure that forces of Marxism, Communism and Socialism are not permitted to transform our constitution into a meaningless document by putting their interpretations of our rights into law and moving us to place our founding fathers never envisioned.

I now want to challenge you to consider things that most would not consider to be a blessing. How about: I am thankful for Rosie O'Donnell and The Dixie Chicks. NO SERIOUSLY !!!! I find them to be ignorant, loud-mouth, stupid b#$%*es. But I am thankful for them because they remind me that freedom of speech is a two-way street, and that although I find what they are saying to be annoying, obnoxious and offensive, THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO SAY WHAT THEY THINK JUST LIKE I DO. If they offend me, I have the problem, not them.

Now that I have fired the spark, what are you thankful for today that you never really thought about before?

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