Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Illegal Immigrants

N.Y. governor abandons driver's licenses for illegal immigrants

Spanish-Language Radio Station Slams Police for Describing Suspect as 'Hispanic'

These were the headlines yesterday and today as they appeared on and I know, I know, this subject is taboo and I am about to be labeled a RACIST !!!!!!. Nothing could be further from the truth but I won't shy away from hot topics because I am afraid what someone who doesn't even know me might think. REMEMBER: "Freedom of Speech" in the Constitution / Freedom from being offended NOT in the Constitution.

A few days ago, a local Knoxville man complained on TV about how the local Hispanic community is being discriminated against by Racists. He acknowledged that the problem stems from the RACISTS not distinguishing between American Citizens of Hispanic heritage and illegal immigrants. He is absolutely right on one count only: we don't know who is a citizen and who is an illegal immigrant. My suggestion to him is to recognize that these people are NOT "Undocumented Workers", they are criminals. They have broken the law to enter this country and need to go back where they came from. NO AMNESTY !!!

This same gentleman also said that we are supposed to be famous for Southern Hospitality but he hasn't experienced it. My suggestion is to do something about it and help to solve the problem instead of just tagging complainers with the "Racist" label. When the criminals are all deported, we will welcome citizens of Hispanic descent with open arms. Many of us don't feel that it is appropriate to aid criminals and since we have no way to determine who is who, we tend to ignore citizen's of Hispanic heritage. To overcome this, become a part of the solution instead of sitting back complaining about racists and hoping name calling will solve the problem.

It appears that our government is finally starting to get the message that roughly 70% of us want the borders with Mexico closed, illegal immigrants deported and we don't want them to get any form of government identification that may give them easier access to any social or welfare coverage.

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