Friday, November 16, 2007

Happy Holidays to the Troops from the "Defeatocrats"

Is anyone surprised that the "Defeatocrat Party" aided and abetted by 4 RINO's (Republicans In Name ONLY) have decided leave Washington to celebrate the holidays without passing a defense spending bill to support troops in every corner of the world, including those in war zones in Iraq and Afghanistan. This simply means that our troops are in jeopardy of waging war WITHOUT ammunition and supplies until at least January.

This move by these politicians is unconscionable and possibly treasonous. To think that ANY elected official would jeopardize National Security to make a lame political statement is outrageous. Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and the other members of the Democrat Party are so obsessed with defeating President Bush's successes in Iraq at the cost of our troops, they are actually risking more troops lives than they might save by their "Rapid Surrender" plans they are trying to enact.

We must make a national effort to remove these fools from office. They are: ALL DEMOCRAT SENATORS plus, Susan Collins (R) ME, Chuck Hagel (R) NE, Gordon Smith (R) OR, and Olympia Snow (R) ME. Senator Chris Dodd (D) CT, voted with most Republicans except his reasoning was that the measure didn't go far enough to end the war, so he does NOT get a pass on this one.


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