Monday, November 19, 2007

Hillary Knows How to Fix the Economy

Hillary is worried that President Bush has ruined the economy just like his Dad did and she knows how to fix a "Bush" economy (I guess because she was Bill's Co-President). Apparently, Hillary feels we are about to suffer another Great Depression. Unfortunately, although the Dow Jones is down over 10,000 points from it's recent high, even at the current low, it has still shown an overall approximate 4% gain this year. Hardly a stock market CRASH. Guess it's really more like a big correction. Unemployment remains in the 4% range, still very near an all time low. Also, there is the problem of "record" numbers of foreclosures in the Mortgage Markets but home ownership is at an ALL TIME HIGH and 95% of ALL mortgages in the country are being paid on-time, so 5% doesn't really seem like such a big crisis. Yes, we are experiencing some minor economic problems, but no where near the crisis reported by the media and the Democrats. THE ECONOMY ISN'T BROKEN!!!!

Guess we don't need Hillary to rescue us. Apparently what we are facing is another Liberal Scare Tactic to convince us how badly we need an Uber-Liberal like Hillary to step in with more BIG Government to Save All of Us Poor Wretches from OURSELVES. Nobody can spend our money for us better than a Liberal Government Spending Program

The amazing thing is that Hillary claims she doesn't want to raise taxes!! At least until she is sworn in. She is apparently learning that many of us don't want to pay higher taxes so why would she advertise before the swearing in that she is just another tax and spend Liberal. As I said in my last post:

If you vote Democrat, you are stuck on STUPID!!!!

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