Friday, November 9, 2007

Getting Started

Welcome to my New Blog. Let me start by saying I proudly served this Great Nation for over 23 years helping to ensure the continuation of the ideals expressed in our Constitution. In general, I am a strong believer in the Rights and Freedoms granted to ALL CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES. I do NOT believe in Political Correctness nor do I believe in extending our constitutional rights and freedoms to individuals who ARE NOT U.S. Citizens because they are criminals who entered this country illegally.

Furthermore, as a retired member of the military who served during Viet Nam and the "Cold War", I am FULLY AWARE of the tenets expressed in the Geneva Conventions. Despite the musings and opinions of some of our more liberal (or as they now call themselves, "Progressive") national leaders and judges, Islamic Terrorists are NOT uniformed combatants and are NOT protected by the Geneva Conventions. They should be tortured to any extent necessary to obtain the vital information necessary to disrupt their plans and save the lives of our Military personnel and citizens.

If you are offended by my opinions, I refer you to the Constitution, my favorite document. It does grant me "Freedom of Speech". However, I still have not been able to find the part where it gives you the freedom from being offended. If you find my musings offensive, perhaps you shouldn't read them. It matters not to me, because I will continue to write what I believe whether you are offended or not. However, even if you are offended, if you keep reading, you just might learn something.

Future posts will expand on the above topics and branch out to all of the newsworthy topics that "Tickle My Fancy".

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