Monday, December 3, 2007


Jack "The Jerk" Murtha said the surge is working!!!! OOOPS, the House Madame, Madame Nancy might be upset that he admitted that. Not to worry, The Jerk immediately covered his faux pas by stating that the military cannot win anyway and this needs to be a political solution in Iraq. This way, the Defeatocrats can blame the President twice, once for a military loss and once for the political loss.

This is the Defeatocrats goal in Iraq. Defeat President Bush no matter what the cost. Militarily, politically, it doesn't matter, just so Bush loses. And what about our military heroes serving in Iraq. Too bad for them as far as the Jerk is concerned. They are expendable pawns in the rush to embarrass Bush.

Remember, Jerk Murtha was the one who declared our Marines were "Cold Blooded Murderers" in Haditha, long before any of the facts were known or an investigation was completed. The investigation later declared several of the Marines innocent of the charges, but that didn't matter to "The Jerk", he refused to apologize for his rush to judgement. Innocent Marines were slandered by the Jerk hiding behind his Congressional Immunity.

It's time to stop all of this divisiveness and foolishness. It's time for the Defeatocrats to get on board and work for a win in this war instead of surrender. Muslim extremists understand only one principal and that is to win at any cost. They also understand that we have to deal with the Defeatocrat desire to surrender so they have learned to be patient and wait for us to get tired of this war, and take our "toys" and go home, and when we do, they will be patiently waiting to move back in and take control.

We have only one choice, WIN DECISIVELY. Surrender must NOT be considered an option.

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