Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Global Warming Scam

Al Gore is laughing, all the way to the bank. It turns out he has pulled off the Scam of the Century. So he didn't get elected POTUS. He has gotten an Oscar, a Nobel Prize and a boat load of cash. All for creating the biggest scam in years. Yes, I sincerely believe that Al Gore's Man Made Global Warming is a SCAM, mainly because I wouldn't personally believe anything Al Gore claimed. He spent too much time as Bubba's Buddy and I don't believe he has any more character than Bubba and on top of that, Bubba didn't share any of his secrets of charisma with Al.

This past week, Madame Nancy's Democrat House of Ill Repute passed a "Global Warming" Bill (that included $21 Billion Dollars worth of increased taxes including $13.5 Billion in taxes on the oil companies which should really help lower prices at the gas pumps???) part of which is designed to reduce global warming by mandating that American auto makers improve gas mileage in the new cars they will be building and to increase the use of bio-fuels. That bill along with the world wide global warming demonstrations taking place this weekend are the driving factors behind this post.

But, let's focus on the Global Warming Scam. As I stated in previous posts, several Liberal "Tricks" are at play here. To play on a former quote from Hillary, Global Warming is a vast LEFT WING CONSPIRACY!!! One of the most common Liberal Tricks is to invent a CRISIS and then insist they can save us through a series new taxes and a larger government bureaucracy. The next step, as I mentioned yesterday, is that if you repeat the same lie often enough, the uneducated or uninformed masses will eventually believe it is the truth.

Al Gore has been a one man Global Warming Propaganda Machine, what with a best selling book, an Oscar winning film and a Nobel Prize all for his lies and twisted truths about global warming. He has even been invited to the White House, but only as a guest, not as a resident, thank God.

Let's look at global warming. The Earth is approximately 4.6 billion years old. We have indisputable evidence of billions of years of radical climate change. We even have evidence that the entire Earth was completely covered with ice at one point, but for most of the history of the earth, global temperature has fluctuated constantly. Now understand that in the big picture, many of these fluctuations transpired slowly over hundreds of thousands of years. Some faster, some slower.

What caused the billions of years of fluctuations prior to mankind's emerging industrial age that started less than 200 years ago? Some changes occurred because of fluctuations in solar activity. Some fluctuations were caused by changes in the tilt of the Earth's axis. Some fluctuations were caused by changes induced by continental drift. Yes, fluctuations have occurred because of atmospheric changes caused by large meteorites (like the one that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs) and super volcanic eruptions like Yellowstone 630,000 years ago.

Throughout all of the billions of years of climate fluctuations, there has never been a period of absolutely stable temperatures. Why would we believe that our supposed "increased carbon footprint" is the final nail in the coffin with so many gigantic options like increased solar activity, which has been documented recently. How about the geologically recent major eruptions like Mt St Helens and Mt Pinatubo among others. How about the recent admission by NASA that their temperature records were incorrectly calculated. (Refer to this link for info:

Finally, who can be sure that the baseline temperatures recorded 100 years ago were accurate? If NASA with all of their sophisticated equipment can make an error big enough to take us back to the "Dust Bowl" of 1934 as the warmest year on record, as opposed to 1998 reported prior to the corrections, you will have to make some pretty strong arguments to convince me that the temperatures recorded 100 hundred years ago contain ANY degree of technical accuracy. Shoot, we may actually be in the middle of GLOBAL COOLING as was reported as recently as twenty years ago.

To break all of this down, what is the "correct" temperature that the world is supposed to be??? Who gets to decide what that temperature is??? Who is to say that the temperature 30 years ago was "THE" correct temperature which is what the Global Warming Scam is trying to do??? What if the correct temperature should really be two degrees warmer than it is now??? Should we really be trying to play GOD over an arbitrary number and junk science???

When you can give me verifiable correct answers to the above questions that PROVE we are affected by man-made global warming that has indisputably caused the climate to be warmer than it should be, then I will become a disciple to Al Gore. UNTIL THEN...

The Bottom Line: I believe that man-made Global Warming is a SCAM!!!

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