Sunday, December 16, 2007

Picking a Winner

As I sit here with my finger up my nose trying to pick a winner, I realize why I have waited so long to write this post. I knew someone would screw up and say or do something to change my mind. The screw up does not affect my "First Choice" Candidate but it does give me cause for concern in the running for Second Place. So far, I have not changed the order, BUT I will be watching "Huck".

Republican Candidates

MY FIRST PLACE PICK: Fred Dalton Thompson. The MOST Reaganesque of all of the Republicans. He is 1000% right on illegal immigration and abolishment of the IRS. I would favor the "FAIR TAX" as opposed to the Flat Tax that Fred seems to favor, but the Socialist System of graduated income taxes MUST GO !!!! Finally, Fred has learned the Reagan lesson of "PEACE THROUGH STRENGTH" which won the Cold War and is even more important with the War on Terror. Fred wants to finish the war that Saddam Hussein started and NOT TO SURRENDER.

MY SECOND PLACE PICK: Mike Huckabee. His platform is closest to Fred's. He favors the FAIR TAX, stopping illegal immigration, and strengthening our military and taking the day to day running of the war out of the hands of the politicians. His recent comments about President Bush did not sit well with me but not enough to affect his position.

MY THIRD PLACE PICK: Rudy Giulani. A little too liberal for me but he does have the crisis management experience necessary for the job.

MY FOURTH PLACE PICK: Mitt Romney. A Better choice than ANY of the Democrats.

Democrat Candidates
MY FIRST PLACE PICK: Dennis Kucinich. LIBERAL NUT-JOB. Has the least credible chance of being elected President. Let's hope he is the Democrat Candidate in November '08
MY SECOND PLACE PICK: Bill Richardson. WHOOO?????
MY THIRD PLACE PICK: John Edwards. Most like Bubba with his mega-bucks haircuts. Couldn't get elected as Vice President and should not be elected President. ALL STYLE, NO SUBSTANCE.
MY FOURTH PLACE PICK: Barack Obama. This time Oprah got it wrong. Barack got it wrong when he said he looked forward to having Hillary as an advisor. Hopefully, he was just joking.
MY LAST PLACE PICK: Hillary Clinton. Claims her superior leadership experience, then why didn't she get Hillary-care passed when Bubba was President. Heard a GREAT COMMENT on the radio that her lead is going down faster than Monica in the Oval Office. Let's hope she totally tanks.

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