Thursday, May 31, 2012

Why is Common Sense so UNcommon?

I saw on the news today a story that made me stop and realize that if I was a teenager today, I could be a convicted criminal with a record.  A high school freshman was suspended from school and arrested on assault with a weapon charge for shooting....wait for it....SPITBALLS !!!!!  What in the hell were these people thinking?????  An assault with a weapon charge for spitballs????  Why would they do that????   EASY.....Socialism.  I know, it's Bud getting to rant about Socialism again.  Boring !  Except, it's more likely than you may think.

Why was one of Karl Marx's  10 Tenets of Communism to provide "a free education for all children in public schools"?   Could it be to turn public education into a Communist Socialist) Indoctrination System.  YES !  But why would they do something like charging this student with assault with a weapon?  To scare the hell out of all of the kids to "keep them in line and compliant".  To teach them not to speak out and to go along with what they are told by the "officials".  A strong argument for private schools or home schooling.

We have also heard about students going out with their parent's before the first day of school each year to buy school supplies required for their classroom work.  When they get to school that first day, they are all told to place their cherished pens, pencils and other goodies in the "Community Box" for everyone to share.  In a Socialist world, you are not allowed to own personal possessions, everything must be shared for the "common good".

Socialism is alive and (unfortunately) well in our country.  It is becoming more and more pervasive, even blatant and there is only one way to stop out the Socialists in our government.  Let's start with Obummer !!!!!  The Socialist in Chief.  The Socialists are NOT limited to the Democrat Party.  Pay attention to the voting record of ALL of the members of Congress including the Republicans too and give them a Donald Trump..."You're FIRED !" line on election day.  Any body that wants to live in a Socialist Country should move to Europe.  Their are plenty of Socialist Countries there to pick from.  Leave my (actually our) Constitutional Republic alone.

If you're not're NOT paying attention.

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