Friday, May 4, 2012

The Slogan Master Has a New Slogan

I'm sure we all remember Obummers slogan from the 2008 election..."Hope and Change".  So many were angry at President Bush that many were suckered onto this slogan as meaning New Hope and a Change from the way President Bush governed.  Surprise, we found out too late that what Obummer Hoped for and what he wanted to "Fundamentally" Change was our beloved Constitutional Republic into a full blown European Socialist State.  So far, he has been astonishingly successful.  We now are part owners of GM (fondly now referred to as Government Motors), Chrysler, several large banks and financial institutions among others. 

We are also racing toward a European style Socialist Medical Insurance system which hopefully the Supremes will deem unconstitutional when their verdict is rendered later this summer. Remember the former House Madam, Mistress Nancy when she said they have to pass the law in order to find out what was in it. Well, we found out and many of us are very, very unhappy about it.  You thought you could keep your current insurance like Obummer promised?  Guess what...probably NOT !!!!  Guess who LIED to you...Obummer.  Remember the "Bush Lied" chants from the left.  He didn't lie, but Obummer DID.

Now it's a new election season and Obummer has selected a new slogan..."FORWARD".  Based on the results we discovered from his last slogan, we can only believe the he means to move forward with shoving his dream of a full blown USSA (United Socialist States of Amerika) up our tushies.  And believe me, it will be painful.  If this is not his plan, why would he tell Medviedev to let Putin know that he wouldn't be free to negotiate until after the election and then he will be free to do whatever he wants without having to be worried about reelection. SCARY !!!!!!!

I don't know ANY Veterans who said they were fighting for Socialism.


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