Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day 2012


Happy Memorial Day !!!!  Although traditionally in recent years, this holiday is popularly known as the "Unofficial First Day of Summer", and a day for swimming, boating, camping, picnics, barbeques, etc., it's history goes back to just after the end of U.S. Civil War on May 30, 1868. First referred to as Decoration Day to recognize the Union Soldiers who died in the Civil War by decorating their graves.  After World War Two, people began referring to the holiday as Memorial Day.  In 1967, Congress passed a law officially changing the name of the holiday to Memorial Day.

Please understand that this holiday is NOT about Veterans still living or Active Duty Military personnel.  We have Veteran's Day and Armed Forces Day for them.  It IS a day to pray, reflect, and Thank all those who gave the greatest sacrifice for their country, their life.  Every man and woman who joins the military signs a blank check for a value up to and including their life.  Memorial Day recognizes those whose check was cashed for full face value, those who paid the ultimate price for their country.  Memorial Day is a day set aside to thank these heroes for their ultimate sacrifice.

For over two hundred years, brave men and women have sacrificed their freedom, their fortunes and their lives in the name of freedom and we owe them a great debt of gratitude.  Unfortunately, we are currently living in a time of great turmoil.  We are being led by a President who has promised to "Fundamentally transform" our great nation.  Unfortunately, for all of us, those who fell under the spell of his charismatic slogans of "Hope and Change" and "Yes we can", and bumrushed him into the Oval Office with their misguided votes, we now see that he "Hoped" you would fall for his veiled slogans so he could "Fundamentally transform" and "Change" our great nation into a European style of Socialism.

I believe many of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom, are turning over in their graves with the direction our country is taking.  I have never met a veteran who has said that they were fighting for Socialism. It is time for ALL patriots, veterans, active duty and civilians to STAND UP for Freedom and each do everything in their power to STOP Obummer from being re-elected.  It's time to get the Government out of our pockets, and back to what the Constitution allows.  It's time to reduce the size of our bloated government.  It's time to end federal oversight of education.  We need to return the responsibility for education to the states and shut down the Department of Education Bureaucracy.  All of the states already have their own Education Bureaucracy.  Why do we need to double that cost with Federal Oversight?

Since meaningful government reform is virtually impossible, it's also time to shut down the Environtal Protection Administration and it's heavy handed over-regulation of every aspect of our lives.  They regularly act as sheriff, judge, jury and executioner with NO DUE PROCESS.  Their actions ruin lives, and run up the costs of doing business to the point of raising prices on everything we buy. For WHAT????, to keep some little lizard or bird from becoming extinct?  Who do they think they are????  GOD????   Species have gone extinct since life began.  Why do we feel we have to fix that.  It's NATURE people.  Let's worry about what we can control and let God worry about the rest of it.

Let's also end the "Man-Caused Global Warming" BS once and for all.  It's just a get rich scheme by Algore and his minions to sell "Carbon Credits" for billions of dollars with the promise of "Saving the Earth".  It's a LIE folks...a L/P/S LIE designed to remove dollars from your pocket to line the pockets of Algore and his cronies.  DON'T FALL FOR IT !!!!!!

If you vote for're stuck on STUPID !!!!!

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