Friday, June 15, 2012

Obummer Tramples the Constitution...Again

The Lying King
Well, he did it again today.  The Constitution means nothing to this sorry excuse for a leader.  He announced today that his administration will no longer deport illegal aliens between the ages of 16 and 36, that meet several other criteria.  This is basically similar to the "Dream Act" that he was unable to get passed by Congress previously.  Rather than accept "The Will of the People", a phrase he used when he rammed Obamacare through Congress with only Democrat votes, regarding the Dream Act, he has decided to make this a law through Executive Order.

On September 28, 2011, he stated in an interview that he was prevented from doing this by the Constitution.  He said that he wasn't a king.  So what changed since then?  He is now starting to show signs that he is going to lose the upcoming election and he hopes this will generate an increase in votes, legal or illegal, from the Hispanic population.  Anything to win this election.  He also said, within a couple months of assuming the office, that he had three years to fix the economy or he would only have a one term presidency.  The economy is still broken but he is doing everything he can to get a second term anyway.

This equals 2 more lies by Obama.  The L/P/S repeatedly said that "Bush lied!", but they are strangely silent about this president Lying.  Funny how the story changes when the president is a L/P/S.  I don't believe that Bush lied as he was accused by the "left", but OBAMA IS A CHRONIC LIAR.  He really needs to go back to Chicago.

Just for the record, I don't have a problem with the Dream Act type order that Obummer posted today, I just have a problem with how he did it by trampling the Constitution and not allowing the legislative process work as it was designed.  I guess he really does think he is a king..."The Lying King".

If you aren't outraged by Obama...
you aren't paying attention!!!

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