Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's the ECONOMY, stupid...

Actually, I don't believe Obummer is as stupid about the economy as many would want you to believe.  Some say his lack of experience is causing him to just make bad decisions.  I don't believe that for a minute.  Obummer is cold and calculating and NOT dumb or stupid by any means and is following HIS strategy to move our country closer and closer to Socialism.  

What started all of this was the housing bubble bursting.  Why did it burst?  The L/P/S (Liberal/Progressive/Socialist) leaders in congress, primarily the Queen of the House, Barney Frank and his maneuvers to make home ownership a right for all Americans by forcing Fannie, Freddie and all other lending institutions to relax their standards for obtaining a mortgage.  Once the regulations were relaxed, the housing market opened up and home prices spiralled unrealistically upward.

Suddenly, a bunch of people who did not have the means necessary to pay a mortgage, got one anyway.  This was followed by massive numbers of mortgage defaults and foreclosures.  Now there are thousands of homes owned by the lenders and are sold off in firesale fashion resulting in an unrealistic glut of homes in the market and significant drop in home values.  Numerous lenders were forced to declare bankruptcy because of all the losses from these bad mortgages.  This caused the entire economy to spiral downward.

Throughout this period, except for a $786 billion dollar bail out of the banks and car manufacturers, Obummer proceeded to push his Socialist Medical Insurance plan fondly tagged as Obamacare.  This massive socialist boondoggle has resulted in businesses facing new, increased expenses when they hire a new employee.  No one is absolutely sure how much it will increase, so businesses are stalling hiring plans until they have firm numbers to rely on.  As a result, unemployment numbers begin to skyrocket because everyone is afraid to expand to a point where they may eventually go bankrupt after the healthcare law kicks in fully and no businesses are hiring.

During all of this, Obummer keeps spending like a drunken sailor, and I know how much a drunken sailor's a lot.  After three and a half years. He has outspent every other president in history on incredible investments like Solyndra.  Realizing that we were too far in debt, $15.5 TRILLION, he started his campaign to get more revenue into the treasury.  His idea...TAX THE RICH...more!  This is another Socialist scheme.  The problem with Socialism is, as Margaret Thatcher once said, "Eventually you run out of other people's money."  Now, more uncertainty has been injected into the problem. 

The rich will ALWAYS operate their businesses to maximize their profits for their benefit.  If operating costs have to be cut, the lowest on the totem pole on the company payroll will be applying for unemployment benefits.  The last person to take a paycut, will be the owner, as it should be.  Also, TAX THE RICH, means that the job creaters will have to pay the taxes that have increased, which means that their income must increase, resulting in higher prices, which means that the taxes imposed on the rich are actually paid by the poor customers. By the way, have any of you every received a pay check from a poor person?  Me neither.

Also, early in the Reign of Terror of Obummer, the Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill happened.  No doubt, it was a devastating event on it's own...but Obummers actions made it even worse.  It was the Evil Oil Baron's that Obummer hates so much that caused it.  So what does Obummer do...cancels all drilling permits.  Oh, and later on, he refused to allow the Keystone XL oil pipeline construction to proceed from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.  OK...what was the result of these actions by Obummer? 

HIGHER GASOLINE PRICES !!!!  We all paid them.  And what happens when oil prices go up?  Yes, prices of EVERYTHING goes up due to higher fuel costs for the trucks that deliver everything we buy.  And who pays these increased costs????  Everyone, including the sacred poor. I say "Sacred Poor" because Obummer wants to "give" the poor something for nothing so that they will feel indebted to him and keep him in office. Hence the massive increase in Food Stamp use since he has been in office.  It's all part of the Redistribution of Wealth central to Socialism.

And while we are talking about the sacred poor...let's discuss how much Income Tax they pay.  NOTHING !!!!!  What's worse is that many of them receive an Income Tax Refund Check.  That's right, they've had NOTHING WITHHELD but they get a tax refund anyway.  It used to be called a welfare check but apparently, that's politically incorrect now.  The last figures I heard about said that approximately 48% of American citizens pay No Income Tax.  How about if we try something new and TAX the POOR.  I think if we share the wealth, we should also share the responsibility.  That is TRUE FAIRNESS !!!!

If you aren't outraged at Obama...
you aren't paying attention !!!

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